Anna has photographed Bonni and Scott’s growing family twice now, and each time with a new addition 😃
We love photographing families like these guys. A relaxed out door adventure with super young kids! It’s probably Anna’s favourite thing to do (mine is engagement shoots, in case you’re wondering like this or this!)
Seeing how other parents interact with their kids always serves as an inspiration for how we model our own family.
Every time we photograph an awesome family, I feel like loving my family a little bit more. Hopefully that translates well.
 – Kris



Bonni and Scott were on the receiving end of one of our earliest “sneaky videos” a couple of years ago when we decided we wanted to add video coverage to our adventurous portrait shoots. We didn’t really know what we wanted to actually do, we just knew we wanted to have video involved. Fusion slideshow? An Instagram short? Virtual Reality? We didn’t know. Just something inspired by technology and the photos in Harry Potter.

Here is the video that we created from their shoot.

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