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Kris + Anna

So Anna and Kris left school in the 90’s (yeah we know some of you were only born then) and (not knowing each other) headed into their respective fields in life.

Anna chose film and television whilst Kris chose guitar playing.

Anna worked on epic television commercials and film sets. Kris chose death metal and electronic music.

After meeting and getting together and discussing their various experiences, they worked out that perhaps Anna’s chosen career showed more promise than Kris’s and therefore Kris moved into the visual arts (rather than Anna joining a death metal band)

Fast forward 10-15 years (depending on how you count it) we can safely say that we are Dubai’s and Abu Dhabi’s favourite Toowoomba Wedding and school Photographers (a very very specific title hahaha). Possibly also the only Toowoomba Wedding Photographer that has photographed weddings at Abu Dhabi’s beautiful Emirates Palace

We’ve had three studios (two in Toowoomba and one in Brisbane at the same time) and a daughter who helped put an end to that :) as well as having travelled all over the place to photograph. We now work from our home studio getting to hang out with our kid.

But that’s all where we came from and may not really matter to you. What may matter is that we are a team of photographers led by husband and wife (or wife and husband, really!) that has ten years of full time experience creating photographic art for people’s homes covering every milestone in a family’s life. Engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, toddlers, birthdays, family, multi-generations, etc

We hope we could do that for you too :)

Anna and Kris

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Anna and Kris - Toowoomba Photographers