So 13 years a photographer and I had never done the photoshoot I had wanted to at Crows Nest National Park. Until three months ago, that is.
Considering it’s basically next door to Toowoomba this is crazy so I’m stoked we could finally do it.
Clare and Simon “like low-key hiking in national parks, packing picnics to enjoy on the way. Trips to the beach usually include detours along the ‘scenic route’ to check out local heritage hotspots”
And Crows Nest Falls was on their list. And mine! So when we met up for our engagement shoot call out, it was decided pretty quick.
Low key hiking was put the test, though, as just prior to sunset we decided to hike up to the top lookout. Not a long hike, but this was in July, when the sun sets at basically 5pm and takes less than 30 seconds to do so. Luckily we had adventurous head lamps!

I really like engagements. As much as I like weddings. They are separate things to us, not a practise run. A time in life (and a photoshoot if that’s your style, it’s ours!) to enjoy on it’s own merits. Unless you’re aiming for a cool Offbeat Bride feature, then chances are you won’t go rock climbing, or national park scrambling or dirt bike riding on your wedding day. But you can for an engagement shoot! And that’s why I love them. I get to have adventures I’ve never had before and you get to have an awesome adventure documented with the person you love.

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