Year 12’s in 2020

We were going to do some photos for Emma’s Year 12 Formal, but it was cancelled. We are not even sure if there will be a formal this year:(
One of the things I learnt during this project was what a rough time the year 12’s were having here in QLD.
I learnt that back in 2008 they were the first year to do the compulsory prep year. They were the first group of Year 7’s to go into the High School system. And they are the first year to do the ATAR examinations (old OP system). Quite a lot to take in. Oh and I have heard quite a few are a bit upset they can’t get their learners (that’s another story).

So now I have finished rambling on… I asked Emma if she would mind answering some questions on her thoughts of this situation.
Some of it could be quite different now as she has had a week back at school.

How have you maintained your friendships?
I think social media and video calls etc have really prepared us for the distancing that we have seen. Maintaining friendships have been hard, but social media is really helpful.
How have you found Home School / Online Schooling?
Online learning is very difficult being in grade 12 as there is a lot riding on my last year of schooling, especially with the new ATAR syllabus and the complications on that. Home schooling is going to be tricky and there are lots of questions that have been raised on how we are going to deal with the last year.
Whats your thoughts on the Corona Virus?
Covid-19 is part of the coronavirus family that affects the lung and throat, it is highly contagious and lighter than air. It certainly is a scary virus that has literally gone viral and worldwide.
It has made so many people change their daily lifestyle and implementing social distancing laws and regulating the amount of people that you can see in that space of time.
What are you missing at the moment?
I really miss being able to see my friends and spend time with people outside of my immediate family. I miss being able to laugh and relax with them and I think that is something we won’t take for granted for a really long time.
What have you enjoyed during this time?
I am enjoying the time that everyone is not rushed and relaxing a little. It’s changing the mindset of a lot of people and motivating people to do things that they would never do. I’m enjoying the time to work on different mindsets such as growth mindset and keeping positive.

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