It feels like so long ago we were all living a surreal reality. At the time of this shoot we had no idea how long the situation was going to last and honestly we were hearing at least 6 months. But we’ve been really lucky and things are starting to ease. I am curious though, at what the long term affects will be of this pandemic.

One of my hopes is, that I can continue this journey for a little while longer. Keep meeting beautiful families like the Thelanders and hear more stories.

How would you describe what is happening right now with COVID19?
Jon: Australia appears to be winning with reducing the infections and this is vital for everyone’s health – especially the elderly and the vulnerable. This week there have been two days with zero new cases in Queensland.
Charlie: At the moment, the world is at different stages of lock down and all with varying degrees of success. Perhaps that sounds dramatic but it’s a global pandemic and has pretty disastrous potential. In Australia, I think most people are doing their best to limit contact with each other and ‘flatten the curve’,

How has this affected your family?
Jo: I’m so glad to have my daughter home from uni and really enjoying beautiful family times. My older two children are in Brisbane and are devastated to have lost their jobs but are in a supportive household.
Charlie: Well, my family’s certainly been pulling out the board games a lot more than previously. I think being ‘isolated’ together has helped us care for one another and bond.

What is one thing that has surprised you about this event – Positively or negatively?
Jo: Positively, increases sense of community. I’ve enjoyed living here for 21 years, and have loved my neighbours and that circle is increasing. I’m most concerned that the vulnerable community members are kept safe.
Charlie: I was rather surprised by the suddenness of everything – how quickly places shut and uni students (like myself) were shipped home. I guess it’s a positive that we were able to take action so quickly but at the same time, the immediate future is still really unclear.

What is one thing you will always remember about this time?
Jon: That agriculture is firing. The farmers have had rain and there is going to be plenty of food available.
Charlie: I’ll remember how everything was paused essentially. I mean, I’m lucky to have avoided exposure and there are times where this feels like a Uni break rather than social isolation. I think it will be really interesting to look back at this event in a couple of decades and really see the beyond the immediate impacts.

What do you think is really important right now?
Jo: looking after each other, especially the vulnerable, and getting the economy back on track.

What have you done to stay in touch with others?
Jo: I’ve been enjoying scheduled zoom chats with family and friends. It doesn’t replace interaction but it’s great to touch base.
Charlie: I’ve been spending (too much) time on heaps of social media platforms – messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and zoom. Often my friends and I will play games online like pictionary while Facetiming.

What is one thing that you miss right now?
Jo: Restaurants and cafes and tennis with friends. I also miss the possibility and freedom of travel.
Jon: Travelling to advise farmers on how to grow their crops better.

Does this scare you?
Jo: Not really.
Charlie: A little. I just don’t see a definite resolution in the near future.

What is one good thing that you hope will happen after this is all over?
Jon: I hope that people are more understanding, generous and kind to each other.
Charlie: I’m hoping we’ll be better equipped to handle something of this magnitude in the future. Or better yet, avoid it.

Toby – High School
How have you maintained your friendships?
I guess we’ll find out after the break.

What’s your thoughts on home schooling?
I really don’t mind it. In y case it’s more ‘schooling from home’ since I still have the work and resources from teachers.

What do you think about the Corona Virus?
It’s interesting to see how the world has collapsed.

What is one thing you miss doing right now?
I miss spending time with friends.

What is one thing you are enjoying about this time?
Being in my niche honestly. I’ve got my paints, minecraft, art books and trumpet. It’s fantastic. I’ve even started reading which I don’t usually do. I feel like I’m getting my life together.

Just a little update which I wanted to add to this post was, received the best Mother’s Day / Birthday present when her two other children Belle & Oscar surprised her with a visit. Jo and Jon were missing these guys during the restrictions so much.
We were honoured to be able to capture this special time for them all. xx

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