Reflecting on COVID-19

What I am loving about this project is all the stories and hearing about their experience during this time. Here is Marnie’s:

Experiencing COVID-19 has definitely been surreal, and filled with many silver linings and lessons for life. The pandemic ignited an outstanding sense of community support which really made us feel like ‘we are all in this together’. For example, neighbours were continually making wonderful gestures, from teddy bears in the windows, to free books, stickers, fruit and veg which made the ‘just need to get out of the house’ walks around streets so much better. Watching the streets come alive with walkers, walkers and more walkers provided a sense of unity. COVID also made us push a pause button. This pause allowed us to strip life back to its simplest form, to stop the chaos and re-evaluate what really is required for my family to flourish and what can be done without. We also developed a strong feeling of gratitude, for the place we live, for the family and friends that we missed seeing a lot.

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