The Pattisons’s are our next family. At the time of the photos and answers was around the two mark of the lockdown. At the shoot we were discussing all things COVID especially the craziness of all the panic buying but also how we all were adapting with new ways of life.
Looking back at some of these stories now, it amazes how much has changed and what a great job we have all done to flatten the curve.

How would you describe what is happening right now with COVID19?
Absolutely mind-blowing!

How has this affected your family?
Working and doing school from home has been quite challenging. Not been able to get normal groceries like toilet paper has been something I never thought would happen.

What is one thing that has surprised you about this event – Positively or negatively?
How people have tried to find funny/positive ways to handle it all (like what you are doing). How people have come together to help those around them in any way they can.
Although the negative side is watching how selfish people have behaved with the mad shopping. Never would I have thought in my time something like this would happen. So many businesses that won’t recover is just heartbreaking. Stores closing, necessities not available, schools shutting…. its just so hard to get your head around.

What is one thing you will always remember about this time?
Just the time the world stopped! I don’t think you can forget any of it.

What do you think is really important right now?
Keeping your mental health in check, keep your family active where you can and get outside (whether a walk or in the yard). Checking on the people around you.

What have you done to stay in touch with others?
Have learnt about ZOOM pretty quickly, it allows you to connect with multiple people at once. This has been great! And also helped me keep my exercise up 😄

What is one thing that you miss right now?
Just been able to catch up with family or take the girls to the park. Oh and schools!

Does this scare you?
To be honest, I didn’t think much of it at the beginning but yes it definitely does now. And also been a small business owner, it scares me what will happen if they do a full lockdown.

What is one good thing that you hope will happen after this is all over? People will appreciate what is around them a bit more. Still take time to spend with family.

I asked Emma if she would ask her 4 year olds what they liked about being at home with mum (Jamie was still going to work)
Ellie – cooking and not missing you when I’m at school
Lexi – I love when you make donuts with me that have chocolate in them 🤣

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