Now that you have had a recap and can remember some of those moments I would like to introduce you to the Gauhar Family – 71 days since first case and 10 days after lock down and home isolating. So all very fresh and raw!

How would you describe what is happening right now with COVID19 ?
Home isolation as much as we possibly can to reduce the chance of infection.

How has this affected your family?
Get us out of a monotonous routine but then its also boring to stay home all the time.

What is one thing that has surprised you about this event – Positively or negatively?
Positively spending more time together seems to be good.

What is one thing you will always remember about this time?

What do you think is really important right now?
To reduce the infection rate and flattened the CURVE by doing the RIGHT THING.

What have you done to stay in touch with others?

What is one thing that you miss right now?
Going to shops and cafes.

Does this scare you?

What is one good thing that you hope will happen after this is all over?
We keep spending more family time and more focus on our health, rather than materialistic things.

I asked these guys to ask their kids the following questions:
How have you maintained your friendships? Xbox/facetime
What’s your thoughts on home schooling? Not sure (it hadn’t started yet as it was school holidays and I (Anna) was curious to see if they had even thought about it)
What do you think about the Corona Virus? Wicked
What is one thing you miss doing right now? Playing with friends
What is one thing you are enjoying about this time? No school

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