What a crazy 7 weeks!

A time where toilet paper caused fights in shopping centres.
A time that threw my head into a spin and caused me to experience so many different emotions over such a short period.
A time where all our jobs were cancelled or postponed.
A time where we didn’t even know what we were going to do or even if our business was going to survive.

In the beginning at least, I tried to be strong but one simple question – “how are you going?” – was enough for the brain to just go OMG “not good” and cried.

The reality of Covid-19’s effects on us and a country poised to go on lockdown was sinking in. The world we once knew had changed.

Keeping our family safe was of utmost importance to us.

At this time I had seen photographers from around the world creating “Front Porch Portraits”. Photos of families in their front yards. Taken with a long lens from a large distance away. This excited me – I was missing my camera, the interaction and the creation.

Across the road - social distancing

So Front Yard Portraits were brought here – I asked a few people around my area if they would be interested and photographed them but that didn’t seem enough… I saw other photographers do it too, but all with a different agenda. Some for crazy theatrical cosplay styled shoots, some to stay in business, some simply for the love. I found myself leaning towards a documentary approach and wanted to add something to the photographs I was taking.

I knew everyone would be going through this situation, and it would be different for each person and I wanted to know what was their new reality.

I decided to ask if they would be willing to share their thoughts and experiences – I didn’t really have a plan so I just asked a stack of questions. They could answer just a few; some answered them all.

Not only was I able to capture a beautiful photo for each family, these photos will be a record of where they were during this time, what they were going through and how they felt about it all.

I have collected some very real and honest thoughts and stories. And am still collecting them. This would have to be one of the most exciting projects that I have ever endeavoured to do and it’s still growing. I hope to do it justice.

On my to-do list during this time is improving my writing skills. So, no better place than here.

Perfection paralysis has stopped me doing so much previously – so this post may not be perfect but I am at least starting….

Anna xo

Sneak peak of one of our families


  • Bella says:

    Good on you Anna!!! Once we process all this new world I agree that the best question to ask is “what would I like to do now about this?” And you have answered it admirably!! Another example of from me to we xxx can’t wait to hear more xx

  • Gill says:

    Well done Anna, we’re very lucky and grateful to have you in our ‘hood.
    Love your work.

  • Katie says:

    A beautiful & meaningful way to capture the most significant circumstances my generation & everyone after has experienced. Very exciting!

  • Barry Crews says:

    Anna and Kris, it is good to see that you haven’t let this lock down completely overcome you and curb your creative juices. I am always happy to read positive outcomes and I wish you both all the best for the future when you are sure to burst forth in full flower again

  • Lisa says:

    A truly wonderful idea to capture one of the most profound and significant events ever to happen in my lifetime, a documentation like no other, can’t wait to see more Anna and Kris xx

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