Cassie and Ben are getting Married


Cassie and Ben are getting married and it all started because they are tall!

OK that’s not true, but being tall was one of the first things they both noticed about each other – this couple who are tying the knot in October.

Cassie and Ben are a referral from a photographer that i admire greatly and I’m so stoked to be photographing their wedding in October.

But in the meantime I have been getting to know their particular brand of love story which I’ m sharing a bit of now :)

Cassie says:

“I loved his massive smile and the fact that he was taller than me, because I’m pretty sure it’s quite rare to find someone taller than me, especially too because I was wearing high heels!

Ben says:

“Wow! She is tall!”

I can’t make this stuff up LOL

The support they show for each other’s endeavours (even when I questioned them privately, like at school) is rock solid, they’re best friends who are super proud of each other’s achievements and fiercely supportive as they try knew things.

These guys are going to have a fantastic wedding and MARRIAGE, already having flourished through a long distance relationship, overseas travel together and big moves across Queensland, job changes.
Cassie would fly in to Mackay as a surprise to see Ben while he still worked up there.

Ben says:

“When we were living apart she flew up to Mackay and spent a few weeks with me there. At the time we were still relatively new to each other so it was a lovely surprise that she would take the time and effort to come up and see me!”

Oh, and Ben knows how to sweep a girl off her feet – Cassie says:

“Where do I start. He is a massive softy. It’s hard to choose just one. My surprise birthday visit to Seaworld (been raving for weeks I wanted to go to see the polar bears) and for my birthday
I received a card, delivered to work, with a cryptic poem written in it, or the valentines day I was locked in our bedroom with chocolate, a movie and champagne, then ran a bubble bath with candles, then after that followed a trail of roses down the hallway to my homemade favourite meal waiting with flowers and candles and music on, or when I started my new job and came home to flowers, a massage voucher, a bottle of wine, a congratulatory card and dinner cooked… Or our surprise engagement – down on one knee in front of the whole restaurant at the Olive Branch… I’m so lucky to have such a thoughtful and caring partner.” (yes, that is one long sentence – she gushed :))

They also both (spearately) let me know where Ben likes to be ‘tickled’….. I’m not sure if that was a hint for me (Ben? :P) but I’ll keep that up my sleeve for the wedding day LOL

Here are some of their images!



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