Baby P in COVID Times

Many many years ago I photographed Sara, it was the coolest shoot. I remember it so vividly as she was wearing a pink and white polka dot dress and I had her standing next to a green wall. Just as I was about to take the photo a gust of wind blew her skirt, just like Marilyn Monroe. She caught it and I captured the shot!!! One of my all time favourite captures.

So I was so excited to hear from her to do some family photos. It was so great to catch up with her and meet her little family.
We chatted about how she was finding being a mum during this crisis, and if I’m honest I thought it would be quite good being in your own little bubble, but Sara opened my eyes to the challenges she has faced. Here is her story:)

How would you describe what is happening right now – COVID19?
Its like a movie! I’ve never watched more news or talked about one topic in my whole life.

How has this affected your family?
I already knew that this year was going to be quite different for my family. The first time I heard about COVID-19 was lying in a hospital bed after giving birth to my first baby. Never did i think that my maternity leave would be this weird. Its been a whole new kind of strange trying to navigate the world as a new parent in a pandemic. During this time I think each family households have been very wary of visiting. We haven’t had many people visit us. I can visit my Parents but my Nanna lives in a retirement home on the Gold Coast and we can not visit her.

How has this affected your work?
I am employed as a Flight Attendant with Virgin Australia and had planned to take a year off with my maternity leave and then I return back to part time. Unfortunately Virgin has gone into Voluntary Administration and that has meant my Job is very unstable. As a side note this is the second time I have been with a company that has gone into Administration in my flying career. When I heard about it on the nightly news I was home alone with my baby and really didn’t want to be alone. At that time the news had reported incorrectly. While I am positive Virgin will continue flying we will not be sure at what capacity. The reality is only 3% of people that want to be a flight attendant actually end up achieving their wings. Its a job like no other! I would be devastated if I couldn’t go back.

What is one thing that has surprised you about this event, positively or negatively?
How much toilet paper people think they need for one week! Also our community made a really beautiful gesture celebrating ANZAC day and as a defence wife it has made me very humble to see our neighbours coming together to celebrate all those Men, Women and Animals that have served.

What is one thing you will always remember about this time?
As a new mum its weird because you are told to make sure that you get out to help you with postnatal depression but in this situation you are told the exact opposite. It made a great conversation with my midwife trying to come up with ways to feel less lonely. As a bonus I’ve had a lot more time with my husband and he has had more time with our son.

What do you think is really important right now?
I really want things to go back to the way it was. Everyday I look at the numbers and it looks promising. We are so lucky that our actions are having a huge impact and we aren’t seeing the same death rate as other countries.

What have you done to stay in touch with others?
Mainly by phone (sorry I’m a bit of a hermit)

What is one thing that you miss right now?
One month before the restrictions were put in place we had started baby swimming lessons and I was having the best time plus my baby was so tired after the lesson.

What have you been doing to keep yourself and your family busy?
I’ve taken this time to set up a really good routine with a baby. The thought of going out after restrictions have been lifted does slightly give me anxiety, I’m not really sure how my baby or I will go trying to navigate the world with our little routine.

Does this scare you?
It did at the start but its funny how quickly you adapt to your new ‘normal’.

What is one good thing that you hope will happen after this is all over? That people will use hand sanitiser everywhere they go. The public are filthy and now everyone knows it! Seriously, I hope people will understand what a lucky country we live in. If you were born here its like winning the country lottery.

What is the first thing you are going to do when it is all over?
I was planning on taking baby P on his first flight so that will be my first outing I think.

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