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October 2012

Wedding | Brooke & Chris | Hervey Bay

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We met Brooke and Chris at a photography get together in toowoomba around two years ago. They had just come back from travelling through south east Asia living the sort of adventure you might see in The Beach

Chris and Brooke live the kind of life I wished I lived – if I could muster up the energy necessary to do so.

Overnight hikes and climbing, camping in the middle of nowhere and probably sports (I can leave the sports bit )

Chris’s family is from Hervey Bay so the wedding was set there overlooking the beautiful bay for both ceremony and reception – I don’t think we left the beach for the whole day! I could get used to watching that sunset over the bay and the moonrise!

They chose the Waterfront Restaurant in Hervey for their wedding reception and had their ceremony outdoors at the Gables at low tide – giving it an alien landscape feel which was just so awesome and unique.

Anna (my wife) was heavily pregnant at this wedding so we also brought Leigh up to help me shoot in case of Anna going into labour. She didn’t, so we ended up being a super team of three! Knowing Leigh had my my back meant I could try a few things I don’t normally practise at someone’s wedding!

“Anna and Kris (and Leigh) did an absolutely amazing job at our wedding. They were so professional, fun and friendly. They were great with all of our guests and bridal party, capturing those special moments. The photos are proof of their talent and we have beautiful memories to treasure forever.”

Brooke chose the date to coincide with a full moon – she didn’t realise that it was the super moon though which blew us away with how bright it is. Normally I would use a video light to capture a shot like the last one, but this time I used off camera flash!

Here’s a few more :)

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